Summer Art Camp

Summer Art Camp began as a fundraising project at a local church in 2003. Since then it has been presented at our current site on East Three Notch Street. It provides local children (and those children visiting local grandparents) the opportunity to gain exposure to art.

Children have the opportunity to study different famous artists and their works, create their own interpretative artwork, and experience music and drama. Each week-long camp culiminates in a skit presented on the last day of the camp. The skits are open to families and to the public.

We offer week-long camps for children ages pre-K thru middle school.

2008 ART CAMP: The children studied textile artist Betsy Ross and visual artist Andy Warhol.

Marilyn Moore was the art director, assisted by Suzanne Walker and Shane Evans. Paula Sue Duebelt was the director of drama, assisted by Patty Meyer.

The pre-K class was under the direction of Suzanne Walker, assisted by Marilyn Moore.